Aye cap'n! How be ye doi?

Pressing the “About me” button shows how much of a curious soul you are. I like you. Keep reading to satisfy your curious desires.

It all started somewhere…

My name is Rezki (wifey calls me Batman. But that’s just a detail…), I am a 26 years old Digital Marketing and Growth professional originally from Nador, a small city in the northern region of Morocco. I have recently moved to Casablanca to work for Vendo.ma (an e-commerce search engine for products and offers in Morocco) as a Growth Hacker. Check out the story of how I got recruited. Giggles guaranteed.

*wild internet appears*

I have a keen interest in anything digital — let it be Internet Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing & Creation, Web Analytics & Data, A/B Testing…

I was instantly hooked from the first day I have discovered the flow of the internet more than a decade ago. It granted me the ability to found my first startup at the early age of 14. Since then, I started working with tens of startups and corporations from all around the world, helping them with their Marketing, SEO and Growth-related projects.

10% luck, 90% skill

I just loved the satisfactory feeling of seeing my efforts pay off; my involvement directly helped the companies I consulted for achieve their business goals, and saw a significant increase in their revenues, traffic and rankings.

My digital marketing journey is ever-evolving, and I tend to learn each and everyday. You can’t blink an eye in such a lightning-fast paced industry!

The blog you’re reading is an attempt from me to help introduce the Moroccan entrepreneurial and digital scene to the world. You’ll also find valuable marketing and growth resources.

Have fun reading!