Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Pages Will Suffer.

Facebook position themselves as the “best Social Network to connect with people you know”, and they continuously trying to improve its user experience by tweaking different aspects of their algorithms. The latest improvement Facebook made was rolling a new “News Feed algorithm“, that focuses on promoting more content from your friends. But what about the Facebook Pages? Will the new algorithm impact them in any way?

Following are the new changes Facebook has made to its News Feed algorithm, and how it may negatively impact pages:

1. Facebook is going to stack up multiple posts from the same source in one single update.

While the previous algorithm prevented this from happening, Facebook decided to bring it back in an attempt to “clean” the News Feed. Posts shared by pages will be stacked in one single update that groups the latest posts by that page. However, the first two posts will be shown and you will have to click a button to see more posts.

How it impacts pages:

This will dramatically decrease the organic reach of some posts by pages, as it will be seen by a fewer number of people.

2. The new News Feed algorithm gives priority to posts shared by your friends.

Posts shared by friends will now take the top spots on your News Feed, while pages rank way lower on your homepage. Facebook thinks that by doing so, you will see more stories that you care about… But will you?

How it impacts pages:

As obvious as it seems, page posts and updates will not be the first thing your audience will see on their feed, thus, another decrease in your page post’s potential organic reach.

3. You will no longer see posts that your friends liked or commented on on the new News Feed.

Remember when you used to see what post did your friend comment on or liked? You can forget about that now. Facebook has removed this “feature” and you will no longer see it on your feed. If you’re lucky enough, you can see an update or two in the far end of your News Feed.

How it impacts pages:

This is not only bad news for that stalker Facebook friend you’ve got, but also for publishers who relay on this feature as an alternative for their posts to reach their potential audience that haven’t liked your page already. Heck, even Facebook admits it!

…In some cases, post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline.Lauren Scissors, UX Researcher / Facebook

Every time Facebook rolls an update in their News Feed algorithm, it seems to me and to many publishers that Facebook is making it harder for pages to get organic reach for their posts. We can all conclude that Facebook is trying to force publishers to boost their posts by paying for them.

Will the new algorithm leave a big impact on pages? Will our News Feed become cleaner? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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